May 22, 2022
Mmm! Sounds Good

Sounds Good Meaning

It is a phrase commonly used to show that you approve something, especially a plan or idea.

Let's understand Sounds Good Meaning by a scenario.

Assume you are asking your friend for a night out party. If your friend likes your idea then he would say "Sounds Good".

It means he approves your idea of a night out party and would likes to join you.

You Can Use Sounds Good for a Compliment

Sounds Good! Cat

If you want to praise or appreciate something then also you can use the "Sounds Good" phrase.

Pat On The Back Meaning
Etc. Full Form

Think of a situation where your friend is singing a song and his voice is very sweet and adorable. Now if you want to appreciate his voice, you can say "Sounds Good".

Let's Take Another Example For Sounds Good Meaning

Consider your friend and you both are talking to each other and your friend asks you to go to watch a movie. Now if you like his idea of going to watch a movie, you can say "Sounds Good". It means you approve his plan of watching a movie.

Hope you understood the meaning of "Sounds Good''.

Alternatives of Sounds Good

Friends! I will tell you some alternatives which you can use in place of "Sounds Good".

  1. First phrase that you can use is "Sounds Great". It has the same meaning as Sounds Good has.
  2. The second phrase that you can use in place of Sounds Good is "I'm Loving It".

Some other phrases that you can use instead of saying Sounds Good to look catchy are listed below ;

    • Sounds like a plane
    • Looking forward to it
    • Excited about it
    • Sure thing
    • I'm on board

If you liked my style of explaining the Sounds Good Meaning, please share it with your friends too.

And if you know some other phrase that could be added in place of Sounds Good, please comment below and I shall upload it ASAP in the above list.

Happy reading 🙂

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