May 22, 2022
11 Famous and widely used emoticons

Emoticons and Smileys

In this article, I’ll tell you About 11 Famous and widely used emoticons and smileys.

Not long after you start getting Email, you begin to wonder if people have gone a little crazy with the punctuation keys.

Then You start seeing unmatched parentheses, oddball colons, and misplaced semicolons, and you start to wonder what you are missing.

What you often see is a kind of smiling face known as a smiley.

Smileys come in an infinite number of flavors.

If you have access to the World Wide Web, you can know about a long list of smileys.

You can use search engines to comb through the internet with the keyword smiley.

What is Emoticons

What is Emoticons

We use Emoticons to compensate for the inability to convey facial expressions in written communication.

Emoticons can be an effective things to avoid misinterpretation of the writer’s intents.

Smileys are part of Email or written communication’s (e.g. social media chatting, manuscripts) paraphernalia known as emoticons.

In short, we can say that Emoticon and Smiley is the same thing.

Emoticons = Emotional icons

Emoticons = Emotional icons

Emoticons aka emotional icons are used to compensate for the inability to convey voice tone, facial expressions, and body gestures in written communication.

Often, emoticon is better known as ‘smiley’.

What is the use of Emoticons ?

Because Email and social media chats are read from a monitor screen, they tend to be a cold and emotionless medium. It is very easy task to offend people without even knowing you have.

So if you have a dry sense of humor, people often do not get the joke. Sarcasm, even meant in good heart, usually misinterpret.

That is why Emoticons (smileys, etc.) were developed. They allow you to make it clear that what you are saying is not that serious.

11 Famous and widely used Emoticons

list of emoticons

While there are no standard definitions for these 11 Famous and widely used emoticons, I have written their most usual meanings.

  1. 🙂 or 🙂 It shows happiness and sarcasm, or joke
  2. :Q or :-Q It Depicts confusion
  3. :] or :-] It Expresses gleeful happiness
  4. :[ or :-[ Expresses disappointed unhappiness
  5. 😀 or 😀 Expresses gleeful happiness
  6. :I or :-I It Interprets indifference
  7. :-/ or :-\ Demonstrates undecided or confused. You can also use :/ or :\ for this purpose.
  8. 🙁 or 🙁 It Interprets unhappiness
  9. :S or :-S It Shows incoherence
  10. :@ or :-@ Indicates shock or screaming
  11. :O or :-O It depicts surprise, yelling, or realization of an error. You can use it at the place of ‘uh oh!’

NoteYou can see the code for 1st,5th, and 8th in the image above.

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