August 16, 2022
35 Must know Acronyms & 5 Bonus Emoticons.

35 must know Acronyms & 5 Bonus Emoticons

In this article, I have discussed what are Acronyms, 35 must know Acronyms, and in the end, 5 Bonus Emoticons.

What are Acronyms ?

acronyms definition written

If we use the first letter of words or phrases together, then it is called acronyms.

They are usually made up of initial letters of a longer name or phrase.

Acronyms E.g. : WHO is the acronym for the World Health Organization.

RADAR is the acronym for Radio Angular Detecting and Ranging.

Use of Acronyms

use of acronyms in social media

People use acronyms for ease in written communication.

If you use them in social media chatting, It makes your chatting much faster and saves your valuable time.

You can use it freely in Email writing, and in any technical documents.

While using acronyms in Email or in technical documents, you should restrict the number of acronyms in individual sentences.

35 Must know Acronyms

35 acronyms


  1. AAMOF is an acronym for As a Matter Of Fact
  2. BBFN stands for Bye Bye For Now
  3. BFN depicts Bye For Now
  4. BTW means By The Way
  5. BYKT demonstrates But You Knew That
  6. CMIIW indicates Correct me if I’m wrong
  7. EOL stands for End of Lecture
  8. FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Question(s)
  9. FITB depicts Fill In The Blank
  10. FWIW means For What It’s Worth
  11. FYI stands for For Your Information
  12. HTH indicates Hope This Help
  13. IAC demonstrates In Any Case
  14. IAE shows In Any Event
  15. ICL means In Christian Love
  16. IMCO stands for In My Considered Opinion
  17. IMHO indicates In My Humble Opinion
  18. IMNSHO demonstrates In My Not So Humble Opinion
  19. IOW depicts In Other Words
  20. IMO means In My Opinion
  21. LOL stands for Laughing Out Loud or Lots Of Luck
  22. MGB indicates May God Bless
  23. MHOTY means My Hat’s Off To You
  24. NRN gives meaning for No Reply Necessary
  25. OIC depicts Oh, I See
  26. OTOH stands for On The Other Hand
  27. ROF demonstrates Rolling On The Floor
  28. ROFL means Rolling On The Floor Laughing
  29. RSN indicates Real Soon Now
  30. SITD gives meaning for Still In The Dark
  31. TIA describes Thanks In Advance
  32. TIC stands for Tongue In Cheek
  33. TTYL means Talk To You Later
  34. TYVM indicates Thank You Very Much
  35. WYSIWYG is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get

These are 35 must know acronyms you should use in your social media chatting.

And There is no issue using them in Email writing. You can freely use it. But refrain from stuffing them in individual sentences while writing an Email.

5 Bonus Emoticons

5 emoticons written

Here I have listed 5 Emoticons which you can use in your social media chatting.

  1. <G> means Grinning
  2. <J> indicates Joking
  3. <L> shows Laughing
  4. <S> stand for Smiling
  5. <Y> means Yawning

You can use these 5 Emoticons as Emoji. By using them in your written communication, you can show your face’s expressions.

I’m sure you didn’t know about these Emoticons or Smileys. If you already knew them then give us a smile in the comment section.

Earlier, I have written more about Emoticons as titled 11 Famous and widely used Emoticons. You can check them to build your knowledge power about Emoticons.

Please tell us what you want to know about in my next article. We will make and upload an article on your demand within 2 to 3 days or ASAP

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