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    • Visa is a document issued by a country to a resident of some other country that allows that person to enter and remain in foreign land for some stipulated period of time. Any person visiting a foreign land has to apply for a visa. The country receiving the request then studies the application and may grant visa to the applicant. Possession of a visa does not entitle a person to enter the foreign country as the issuer country has every right to revoke the visa at any point of time.

      There are some countries that offer on-arrival visa facilities to Indians. Some of the countries are, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Mauritius among many others. Here is the list of 50 countries offering on-arrival visa facilities to Indians. It is advisable to consult some other sources as well before making your travel plan, as the facts keep on changing based on the changes in diplomatic relationships between two nations.

      On the other hand, following the spur in terror incidents around the world the visa regulations for some of the countries have been made very stringent- examples of such countries include USA, Canada and many European nations. A visa can be of different types like: Work Visa, tourist visa, study visa, business visa, etc.

    • Visa Inc is a USA based multinational firm working in financial services industry. It was founded in the year 1958 and has its headquarter at Foster City, California, USA. It mainly help in electronic fund transfers through Visa branded credit cards and debit cards. Its area of operation is all over the world.

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