What is the full form of VIRUS?

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    • Computer virus are programs that are designed for malicious intentions or to damage the already existing programs. They can spread from one computer to another and hence they are commonly referred to as VIRUS. One must understand that VIRUS is different from malware, adwares and spywares. Malware is a superset of Virus. Virus are classified as nonresident virus and resident virus.

      As they are intended to do damage they employ a number of stealth mode. Any program that allows a third party software to run on its platform is open to virus attacks. A typical case in hand is Microsoft Operating Systems- Windows and later versions.

      With the spurge of smartphones and their operating systems some virus are being designed specifically for the Android ecosystems. Some of the most common source of Virus are pdf files, ebooks, pornography websites and free game sites. Not all computer virus are harmful and some are designed just for the sake of fun or are a result of a imperfect coding. Mcafee released a list of 10 deadliest virus the link for which is here.

      If you happen to know some other full form of virus then please enlighten us. You may love to start a discussion on the full form of virus. For this you can use our comment section.

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