What is the full form of TDR?

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    • Ticket Deposit Receipt is a process applicable for ticket booking in Indian railways by means of which a person can claim the money once the train has left the station. The reasons can be many for filing a TDR. Some of the common ones are:
      1. Passenger not traveled
      2. AC Failure
      3. Connecting train was delayed
      4. Train cancelled
      5. One of the passengers in the ticket did not travel
    • Term Deposit Receipt is more commonly known as Fixed Deposit (FD) scheme. In this a certain amount is kept with the financial institution for a certain term. The advantage is that it gives higher returns as compared to normal saving account. The disadvantage is that the money is locked for the full period of the term. Most of the banks offer attractive offers on TDR as it also gives banks the much needed liquidity.

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