What is the full form of SOP?

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    • Standard Operating Procedures are used at different places and it lists down the steps that have to be taken when a certain pre-defined event occurs. An SOP helps a person to comply with the standards and leaves out the chances of missing out any important step. As an example; in a shop floor an SOP can be designed for regular preventive maintenance of a equipment. An SOP can be prepared to list down the activities that have to taken care while transporting material from one port to other. An ideal SOP should contain, header/ footer, scope, objective, materials, documentation, safety, records and description.
    • A statement of purpose is a document required by many academic institutes while processing an admission request from a candidate. An SOP can be of any length but a good SOP is considered to be not more than 3 pages long. In an SOP a candidate has to mention why they want to pursue a particular course from a university and what purpose of their life will this SOP solve. Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi (FMS) also asks for SOP along with its application form from aspiring candidates for its flagship management program.

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