What is the full form of SLR?

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    • Single lens reflex camera uses a mirror an prism system to capture images. A person actually sees what is to be caputred through a lens using an SLR. They have come a long way from its starting days of Medium format SLR by Hasselblad to the recent ones by Nikon. Some of the camera manufaturers have started developing digital SLR to cater to an increasing market. One of its main disadvantages it that because of its set up of mirror and lens it cannot be made small and compact like digital cameras.
    • Statutory Liquidity Ratio is the ratio of liquid assets to demand and time liabilities. It is the norm set up by RBI and a tool to control liquidity in the market thereby controlling the value of rupee against other currencies (specially USD) and also to control inflation. Each bank have to maintain certain amount with RBI in the form of cash, gold or other traded items.

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