What is the full form of RTGS?

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    • Real time gross settlement systems are the process to transfer money from one bank to other on real time basis and on gross basis. This process is irreversible once it is processed. The money is transferred immediately without any delay and is not clubbed with any other transaction (unlike NEFT transaction).

      In India Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is responsible for controlling the RTGS transactions and laying down the guideline regarding the same. Apart from RTGS in India funds can also be transferred using NEFT systems. RTGS system is fastest possible money transfer mechanism. For processing such transaction a person must know the IFSC code of the bank to which money needs to be transferred.

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      If the IFSC code is not known then it can be known by visiting the official site of the corresponding bank and providing the branch location to which the money is to be transferred. There are many sites apart from the official site that provide this information. Some of the sites that provide IFSC codes of banks are: Bank IFSC code, IFSC Code of Banks. Please note that you must use this site at your own risk and we do not in any are affiliated with or promote this sites.


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