What is the full form of RIP?

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    • The Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is a distance-vector routing protocol, which employs the hop count as a routing metric. The three versions of RIP are: 1. RIPv1, 2. RIPv2, and 3. RIPng. It has been implemented by a number of organizations in designing their software and programs. Notable among them are: CISCO IOS, Junos software, Quagga, BIRD, among many others.
    • Rest in peace is an expression, wishing someone eternal peace. It is usually found at the top of graves for someone who has died. It has got a number of analogs in different culture and regions. The expression is sometimes used in action sequences in a movie when someone kills another person and uses the expression to denote sarcasm.
    • Ripping is a process of copying audio or video content from Hard Drive to other media form, such as DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray or CD.

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