What is the full form of PM?

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    • Phase modulation (PM) is a form of modulation that represents information as variations in the instantaneous phase of a carrier wave.
    • Post Meridiem means after noon. For more details please see AM using search box.
    • A Prime Minister is the highest position in a cabinet of a country. The cabinet is the executive branch of a country. In India the Prime Minister is the chief of government and the chief advisor to the President of India. He is elected indirectly through the general elections held at the interval of every five years. He is a member of the party having majority at the Parliament. The eligibility criteria to become the Prime Minister of India are: 1. Citizenship- must be a citizen of India 2. Member of Parliament- must be a member of either Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha 3. Age limit- must attain 25 years of age if a member of Lok Sabha, and 30 years if a member of Rajya Sabha 4. not hold any office of profit under the Government of India or the Government of any State or under any local or other authority subject to the control of any of the said Governments. The first Prime Minister of independent India was Shri Jawaharal Nehru.

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what are the steps to ensure preventive maintenance?


Preventive maintenance is an ideal practice in any operations. There must be a well defined Standard Operating Procedure to take care of the Preventive Maintenance. The SOP may include various tests, measurements, adjustments, replacement of parts and other thing to prevent occurrence of any failure.
It can be clubbed with Condition based maintenance.


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