What is the full form of PIPS?

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what is the fullform of pips.


As mentioned above PIPS is not exactly an abbreviation but an expression usually used in English culture to refer to something that is easy to perform.
Some of the other full form of PIPS are:
1. PIPS Polar Ice Prediction System
2. PIPS Pattern Information Processing System
3. PIPS The Programme for International Pynchon Studies
4. PIPS Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
5. PIPS Potomac Institute for Policy Studies (Arlington, VA, USA)
6. PIPS Parallel Information Processing System
7. PIPS Prime Item Product Specification
8. PIPS Packetstar Internet Protocol Services (Lucent)
9. PIPS Permanent Change of Station In-Processing System
10. PIPS Personnel Investigations Processing System
11. PIPS Performance Indicators for Primary Schools (UK)
12. PIPS Precise Ion Polishing System


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