What is the full form of OK?

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    • Okay usually written as OK or O.K in common mode of communication is used to indicate that everything is alright or a given situation or condition is acceptable to a particular person. There is no record of the origin of the work okay. It can be used as different parts of speech depending upon the place and situation where it is used. It can be an adjective, adverb, interjection, verb and noun. With the advent of instant or SMS messaging it has been further shortened to just a ‘k’ in place of OK. Other derivative of the word that is commonly used in various situations are, “Okies”, “Okie dokie”, “ohkay” and “k k”.

      OK is also a very famous celebrity magazine published in the UK. It is published weekly. It is famous for publishing reports related to latest celebrity splits, breakups and engagements. It makes all possible effort to grab the exclusive and first pictures of anything that is related to celebrities. Although it focus primarily on Hollywood celebrities but the magazine also include coverage for sportsperson as well.

      With its popularity it has also launched edition based out of other countries mainly US, India and Spanish editions.

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    • OK usually means All Correct. For more information see the description above.
    • This US state got its statehood status on 16th November 1907. The capital city is Oklahoma City and the largest city is Oklahoma City.

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