What is the full form of NIT?

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    • NITs are a group of technology institute and along with IITs are the premier institute imparting engineering degree. They are located in each major state and Union Territory of India. Apart from graduation level degree they also offer masters degree and doctorate level degree. Some of the major NITs are: 1. NIT Rourkela 2. NIT Durgapur 3. NIT Karnataka 4. NIT Warangal 5. NIT Goa 6. NIT Trichy 7. NIT Calicut

      National Institute of Technology is an institute of National importance as identified by the Government of India and provide an excellent platform to the desiring candidates who wish to pursue engineering degree. It is not that all the NITs share a equal reputation. There is relative ranking among the NITs as well with some of the NITs scoring very well in all the major engineering school ranking. Some of the NITs even give a tough competition to the IITs- premier engineering colleges of India. Notable among them are: NIT Warangal, NIT Trichy, NIT Suratkal, etc.

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