What is the full form of MFR?

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what is the shot form of MANUFACTURE


There is no official short of Manufacture and different places use different short form. In many places we use “man.” as short form for manufacture. Please note that it is only due to our laziness that we may use “man.” in place of manufacture. :)
“Mfr. or MFR” is the most common short form used for manufacturer.
Many people mistakenly use “mfg. or MFG” as short form of manufacture. In reality “mfg.” is short form for manufacturing. In fact I found a discussion on yahoo answers regarding the full form of mfg.
Some other common acronyms related to manufacturing and other related terms are:
OEM: full form of OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer
MRP: full form of MRP is Manufacturing Resource Planning, other full forms can be found at this page- full form of MRP
MSRP: full form of MSRP is Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price


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