What is the full form of ITC?

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    • ITC Limited is an India based organization having its presence in a variety of businesses. It was started as Imperial Tobacco Company of India in 1910, which was later changed to India Tobacco Company in 1970, I.T.C. Limited in 1974 and finally ITC Limited in 2001. The headquarter of ITC is located at Kolkata, West Bengal. Its business has been divided into four segments: 1. FMCG 2. Hotels 3. Agri Business 4. Paperboards, Paper & Packaging Some of the famous brands offered by ITC are; Gold Flake, Wills, Insignia in Cigarettes; Wills Lifestyle and John Players in Apparels; Classmate and PaperKraft in Stationery; any many others.
    • Industrial Training Centers are government-run training organizations which provide training in technical field and constituted under Directorate General of Employment & Training in India.

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