What is the full form of ISI?

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    • Indian Standards Institute is the former name of Bureau of India Standard, the organization responsible for maintaining various standards in India. ISI mark is the most recognized certification mark in India. An ISI mark on a product signifies that it adheres to the guidelines laid by BIS. While the mark is voluntary for most of the industrial products, it is mandatory for many of the electrical appliances. Original ISI mark must carry a seven digit license number and S number on the top of ISI mark.
    • Indian Statistical Institute is an academic institute of national importance in India. It is a public university and was established on December 17, 1931. It has campus located at Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Tezpur in India. The instiute is mainly focussed on Statistics, related research and its application. The undergraduate programs offered by ISI are: Bachelor of Statistics (Honours) (B.Stat) and Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours) (B. Math) along with six graduate courses. The admission to the premier institute is through written tests and interviews.

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