What is the full form of ICH?

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Chinook Helicopter are an integral part of the American fleet. They are twin engine heavy lift helicopter. These were first introduced inn the year 1962. Developed by Boeing they are part of US Army, Japanese army as well the Netherlands. It is named as Boeing CH-47 and later more improved versions have been developed which are given the nomenclatures like CH-47A, CH-47B and so on .There have been a number of improvements over the earlier versions with some improvements including modification in rotors, blades, lifting capacity etc.


@ swati

Indian Coffee House does not have a designated headquarter as it is run by a series of worker co-operative societies. The first ICH was started way back in the year 1936 at Mumbai. The state with largest number of Indian Coffee Houses in Kerala and quite understandably so as South Indians are more fond of coffee. Many coffee houses have earned a legendary status owing to its affiliations with past and some have served as hotbeds for numerous political movements. One such legendary coffee house is located at College Street in Kolkata. So now you know what not to miss when you visit Kolkata the next time.


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