What is the full form of GPA?

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    • Grade Point Average is a scoring system employed usually at academic courses to assess the progress of an individual at the end of a academic session. It is calculated by taking an average of grades obtained by an individual over a period of time. It can be more easily explained by taking an example. A B.Tech course is divided in to four years and eight semesters. Each semester will a number of subjects. These subjects will have individual credits, that is based on the weightage of the particular subject in the semester. Now students are awarded grades in each subjects. The grade point average for a particular semester will a weighted average of grades obtained in each individual subjects, weighted on credits. Finally the grade point average of entire course is calculated by taking some form of average of grades obtained in individual semester. Different universities and institutions may apply different grading scale for their courses. IIT-BHU has a grading scale of 10 while many IIMs employ a grading scale of 4.33. It is sometimes also referred as Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). For all practical purposes these two terms are same, while it may differ in definition from one institute to other.

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