What is the meaning of G2?

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Being an Indian for me the best army in the world is Indian Army… )

But jokes apart there is no defined criteria to judge the best army in the world. No annual or biennial competitions are held to find out the best army. Although there are certain parameters on which armies of different nations are ranked. Some of these are:
1. Most number of active service duty military troops: People’s Republic of China, USA, India
2. Largest Military Reserve: Russian Federation, North Korea, Republic of Korea

Based on the overall might that includes army personnel, number of tankers, weapons, anti-tank, missiles, etc. US army can be considered to be most powerful. Although their reliance on technology and lesser combat skills sometimes put them in a embarrassing place- Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq being the prime example.

There are some specially trained forces in the world that are considered to be really good depending on the kind of conditions they are trained for- BOPE (full form of BOPE is Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais) of Brazil is one such example. They have extensive experience in urban warfare.


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