What is the full form of ETC?

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    • Et cetera means “and other things”. It is a Latin expression. The phrase has undergone many changes since the days of archaic abbreviations and now the most commonly employed form is etc. It must be noted that the correct grammatical use as accepted by many dictionaries is etc. with a dot appended at the end of the term, even if it is used in the middle of a sentence. The word immediately following etc. should not be capitalized.

      The term is used throughout our site, to denote a list of items which are similar in nature. For example BA can be completed in a number of subjects. Some of them are: Classical Studies, History, Economics, Literature, Media and Writing, World Literature and Culture, Geography, Dance, etc.

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Etchingham is located in Southern England. It lies in East Sussex county, in the Rother District. It is a small village.


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