What is the full form of CPA?

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    • Certified Public Accountant is a statutory title for accountants in the United States. It is awarded after a candidate passes examination conducted by Uniform Certified Public Accountant examination. Additionally the candidate must fulfill eligibility criteria in terms of educational qualifications, work experience, etc. and any other such requirements.

      The exact rules may vary from state to other in the States, and it is always better to check with the authorized agencies at the time of pursuing the certification. In India the equivalent is Chartered Accountant (CA), which is a certification course in accountancy and is awarded by ICAI.

      full form of cpa

      As said earlier different states may have different rules related to CPA. Many states have a lower tier of accountant qualification below CPA, which is usually entitled “Public Accountant” or “Licensed Public Accountant” (with designatory letters “PA” or “LPA”). When a person completes all his eligibility criteria and is awarded a CPA certification then he becomes eligible to prefix the term “CPA” before his name.

      CPA are engaged in various assurance services roles, while some also enter the consulting industry. The area of finance where the services of a CPA can be engaged are:

    • Corporate Finance Venture Capital Financial Analysis Corporate Governance Income Tax Financial Planning
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