What is the full form of CGPA?

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    • Cumulative Grade Point Average is a scoring pattern employed by many institutes to assess the performance of an individual. For complete details you are requested to look for GPA by using the search box.

      What is the full form of 10 CGPA?

      As mentioned above CGPA means Cumulative Grade Point Average. Most of the institutes/ courses have a maximum scale of 10 for their CGPA and hence 10 CGPA is the maximum that a pupil can achieve. The student achieving 10 CGPA is taken with high regard and it is considered a hard feat to achieve.

      The GPA are calculated by taking weighted average of the grades obtained in various subjects. Each subject will have an assigned weightage to it. The marks obtained by an individual in a particular subject are multiplied by the weight of that subject. The numbers are then added up for each of the subject and then divided by the sum of the individual weightage to arrive at the GPA. Just to illustrate with an example, suppose there are three subjects, namely, A, B and C with weights of 3, 4 and 2 respectively. A student obtains the following grades in these subjects; 8, 7 and 9. So the GPA for the student will be (3 X 8 + 4 X 7 + 2 X 9) / (3 + 4 + 2) = 7.77.

      Now when all the GPA obtained over a period are then averaged, then we can have the CGPA for a student for a particular course. full form of 10 CGPA

      By going through the example you might understand how tough it is obtain a 10 CGPA as for that the student has to obtain a grade of 10 in each of the subjects for each of the semesters/ year/ term.

      In the recent years CBSE (CBSE full form), India has done away with the previous marking systems and it assigns grades to students.

      The grades in a particular class can be awarded on absolute basis or on relative basis. In absolute basis the total marks will be divided into different ranges and each range will have a assigned grade to it. So the grade obtained by an individual will have no relationship with the marks obtained by another individual. In relative grading the grades for a particular student are awarded based on the relative performance of a student with respect to the other students. As such it is considered easier to obtain a 10 CGPA in relative grading as compared to absolute grading system.

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