What is the full form of CC?

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    • The full form of cc is carbon copy, which is created by placing a carbon paper between two sheets and writing on the top sheet. Whatever is written on the top sheet gets printed on the bottom sheet due to the presence of a carbon paper in between. A number of carbon copies can be created in a single instance by placing more than one carbon paper between number of sheets. Usually the number is limited to 5-6 as beyond this the quality of carbon copy is not good. The term has become more popular with the advent of email on Internet. An email is marked to some persons by keeping their email ids in the CC field along with the name of the recipients in the ‘To’ field. Apart from ‘CC’ there is a ‘BCC’ field which means blank carbon copy. This is used when you want to send some email to a person (say X) but don’t want other persons to know that the email is also being sent to the first person (X).
    • Cubic Capacity is the total capacity of the engine volume which is the measure of the area from the top of the piston at bottom dead center, to the top of the barrel.
    • Cash Credit is a credit facility offered to any company in the form of cash. It is a form of line of credit offered by a bank. This is usually for short term and is offered against some kind of security. The cash credit is often availed by a company to finance their working capital, typically to finance their current assets.

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