What is the full form of CBSE board?

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    • CBSE is a board of education conducted by the Government of India. It has completed its fifty years and was formed on November 03, 1962. The headquarter of CBSE is in New Delhi. The exams is conducted in both Hindi and English language. As it is run by Government of India hence the parent organization is Ministry of Human Resource Development. Hence it comes under the gambit of its rules and regulations. The board conducts exams for class 10 and 12.

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which is the best board? CBSE or ICSE?


This is a tough question to answer and has lots of subjectivity built into it. While CBSE is more controlled and is governed by government interventions. ICSE works in more independent fashion. Many people are unaware that there is another board IB (full form of IB is International Baccalaureate). One technical clarification is that ICSE is not actually a board but a certification course.
CBSE course is designed by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). ICSE places a lot of focus on language and literature. Even at 10th level their course include literature by Shakespeare and many others. Hence some people quote that if you want your child to do well in English than ICSE board is more suitable. The courses are designed in such a fashion that the child does not face any issue in Verbal English.


CBSE and ICSE all Right becouse kisi do ek samaan loog ya wastu me kisi ek ko achha kah kar doosre ki inselt nahi karni chahiye all the best


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