What is the full form of BPL?

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    • Below Poverty Line is an economic indicator to define the poverty level in India. It is threshold defined in terms of income level that identifies whether a person is in a economically disadvantage state or not. Such persons are provided government assistance and aid. The level is set by the government and may vary from one state to other. There is a separate international benchmark which differ from that set by Indian government. It is an indicator of prosperity and development of the country. A decrease in the number of people below poverty line indicates that the country is prospering. It is not a proper indicator as change in the definition might also lead to the change in numbers.

      Among Indian states Kerala is one state that has devised its own standard to determine BPL people. As a person lying below the BPL is eligible for a number of government aids, sometimes the system is misused owing to corrupt practices of some individuals. A person who does not lie below BPL might get a get BPL card by bribing and get undue advantages and a genuine BPL person might be bereft of those advantages. Then there are some who do not agree with the criteria and its implementation.

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