What is the full form of BBC?

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    • The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcasting statutory corporation. It was founded on 18th October, 1922 and the headquarter is located at Broadcasting House, London, England. The major services offered by BBC are: Televsion, Radio, News, Internet, interactive television, etc. It is the largest broadcaster in the world based on the number of employees. The broadcasting of BBC is worldwide.

      Over the years BBC has built its reputation for ethical and true news broadcasting. It sometimes will not broadcast a news item until it is very sure about the facts and the source of the facts. In the process it is ready to lose TRP to its competitors who are ready to broadcast news item with dubious sources.

      Although it started as a broadcasting corporation but slowly it has forayed to other areas with BBC sports, its radio service, presence over the internet, etc. You can click here for official site of BBC. BBC United Kingdom, BBC.com

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