What is the full form of ATM?

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    • Asynchronous Transfer Mode is a high speed network standard designed to support voice and data communications. It is used in computer network, mostly used for Wireless Area Network (WAN). It splits the data into a packet of a fixed size and due to its complex nature is able to guarantee more accurately regarding data range, delays, jitters etc.
    • An automated teller machine is a machine that is used to to perform normal tasks by the client of a financial service organizations. The common use of ATMs is to deposit and withdraw cash from their bank accounts. To access the ATM machine usually an ATM card (rectangular plastic card) is required. The machine uses computerized telecommunication device to provide service to its client. With the advent of technology and increasing competition among banks ATMs machine (location, number and number of service offered) has become an important point of differentiation and an efficient marketing tool for most of the financial institutions.

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how to get atm pin
how to get atm card


The first step towards getting an ATM pin is to have an ATM card. Most of the banks these days while opening a bank account provide the customer with an ATM card. With that they also provide an ATM pin that is to used only once and should be changed immediately.
If you have forgotten your ATM pin then you may contact your bank through phone banking where the customer relationship officer will help you reset your ATM pin. An ATM pin is highly sensitive information and should be changed at regular intervals. To change your ATM pin you can visit the nearest ATM centre and chose the option of changing the ATM pin.
To get an ATM card one has to fill a very simple form provided by the bank. After submitting the form with all the relevant information the ATM card is sent to the address of the user by post. Some banks provide the ATM card at the spot itself. Many banks have uploaded the form for ATM card on their official websites. The person desiring to get an ATM card can go to the official site and download the form, fill it and send it to the nearest branch to get the ATM card.


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